Wednesday, February 21, 2018

ISTOIKONA LTD is a leading provider of online streaming media hosting and delivery, content encoding and related services.
Located in the heart of Cyprus with an infrastracture internationally in New York, London, Germany and Australia, provides media delivery services for thousands of businesses and organizations.
By integrating popular media formats with IstoIkona's proprietary technologies, we empower our costumers with advanced capabilities to play and manage audio, video and multimedia content over the internet.

ISTOIKONA LTD operates in the Internet Services Sector since 2002 and is already the biggest company in the Streaming Media Services Sector and Hosting in Cyprus and the only company that is certified as Windows Media Service Provider from MICROSOFT for Streaming Media Services.

How it works

ISTOIKONA hosts all of its streaming media services and other content delivery services on an array of streaming servers and storage area networks. When you open an account, all streaming traffic through your website is routed through us and delivered rapidly back to each visitor who initiates a request.